By the time we hit December it feels like summer was a long time ago and the thought of al fresco dining seem like they are a long way off again.

However there are some wonderful feasts to be had and with the game season in full swing so its time to put away the BBQ tongs and get out your roasting tins, casserole dishes and start making some real comfort food with earthy wholesome flavours.


Bramley Apples, Clementine, Passion fruit, Pears, Pomegranate (coming into season)


Parsnips, Potatoes Pumpkin, Shallots, Swede, Turnips, Kale, Leeks, Mushrooms (wild), Celeriac, Cranberries (coming out of season), Brussels Sprout, Beetroot, Cauliflower (from mid December), Celery

Meat and Poultry                                                       

Duck, Woodcock, Partridge, Goose, Grouse (until 10 December),Rabbit,Turkey, Venison

Fish and Seafood  

Scallops, Pollock, Oysters, Mussels, Haddock