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On a snowy February evening we re-launched our brand with a party held at County Hall London, over-looking the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament.

Even though we could have rocked up with some amazing Charcuti®, SunBlush® tomatoes, Roquito® peppers and a few olives, we thought that we would give these great ingredients a little twist.

We were catering for chefs, food writers and customers alike over a couple of hours, with some amazing ingredients from the Leathams product list and a few little tricks to make the food just that little bit more interesting and unique.

Here are a few of canapés we produced from this menu:

Tuna on Ice

Tuna and salt smoked cucumber (pictured above) with spiced black rice vinegar spaghetti and a wasabi granita, served on enough ice and seaweed to sink the Titanic.

From Parma with Passion

Passion fruit and Parma ham snails, with fresh mint and a peppermint dry ice arome.

Bresaola Air Breads

Warm air bread injected with a hot vintage cheddar sauce wrapped in Bresaola served in a nest of hay.

Mango Negroni

Campari and mango spheres that burst in your mouth with a boozy fruity kick (pictured left).

Cod in Smoke

Applewood smoked black cod with a fresh quinoa salad on a crisp polenta biscuit.

Vine Tomatoes

Chicken liver and brandy pate (cleverly disguised as vine cherry tomatoes) coated in a SunBlush® tomato jelly… inspired by Heston’s meat fruit.

Also for “pudding” we served Roquito® and truffle ice cream in mini cones.

There was a fantastic mix of classic and molecular gastronomy at work through the weeks building up to the event and in the safety of our development kitchen we were on track for a great service.

When the big day arrived, we turned up to our new rented kitchen to find that none of the kitchen equipment had been delivered (sound familiar anyone?). It was a mad rush for the first 3 hours getting the kitchen up to speed, then heads down and we pushed on through, and with some willing hands to help we got to the starting line with about 20 minutes to spare.

We had a different type of canapé being served in the packed hall every 5-7 minutes and with no room for error.

For some images of the night, check out our News article at www.leathams.co.uk/news/ leathams-celebrates-with-food-spectacular

Posted by Alessandro Cristiano Head of Food