A perfect zabaglione (sabayon) will be smooth, fluffy and rich hold the whisk trail for few seconds.  The flavour is delicate and aromatic with liqueur, wine or fruit juice.

If it’s not perfect, some of the problems that may arise are as follows:

1. Very thin consistency and lacking richness

Reasons: not cooked enough, cooked too quickly so egg doesn’t thicken; egg overcooked and about to curdle; too much liquid flavouring.

How to resolve: continue cooking if not cooked enough; if sauce starts to thin after thickening, it is about to curdle: cool bowl down at once by dipping in iced cold water and wisk sauce constantly until tepid.

2. Lack of taste

Reasons:  Too little flavouring

How to resolve: Whisk in more sugar or sweet liqueur

3. Separated and liquid falls to bottom

Reasons: Left to stand too long.

How to resolve: Whisk vigorously and serve at once

4. Curdled with thin consistency

Reasons: Cooked over too high a heat or too long kept warm to long.

How to resolve: Unfortunately, little can be done.