With some of the best food in Britain now being served on the street from the back of trailers, carts and vans; the Street Food insurgence is now more dominant than ever and growing at a rapid pace. It’s no wonder that now a lot of restaurants, cafes and caterers are trying to get in on the action, with a hope of bringing the distinctive great taste, freshness and authenticity that Street Food offers to their menu.

As a result of this food revolution, there has been a growing demand from customers for us to demonstrate ways in which this trend can translate into their food offering. As a chef, this challenge is a pure delight! It’s been a joy to have spent a lot of my summer days being creative in the development kitchen working with the wide scope that the Street Food movement offers.

I have found that the key to success in translating this trend has been through experimenting with pan-fusion tastes, unique presentation and authentic flavours; whilst staying focussed on the quality and provenance of each ingredient, stripping recipes down to their core basics to reflect the simplicity of the food on the streets without losing the sense of its origins.
Our innovation kitchen has been alive with the buzz of 3 Bean Burritos, Burgers and Beef Empanadas whilst trying to create a little bit of theatre that comes with this golden age of Street Food.

Here’s just a taster of my favourite street I’ve found out and about and a sneaky glimpse of I’ve been up to in the kitchen…









The Bhangra Burger – A simple incarnation of the east tucked up nicely in a burger, found at the rapidly growing Eat Street.






It’s all in the presentation! My vision of Street Food created in Leathams HQ









A heartily filled Quesadilla filled with Ham Hock






One of personal favourites – Succulent Beef sandwich dipped whole in rich gravy

Posted by Alessandro Cristiano Head of Food