Recently I was asked by our Executive Chairman to cook lunch for him and six  guests. This is always a joy for me as it gives me the reign to pick whatever I like from our vast warehouse of gourmet and speciality food to experiment with.  One of our amazing new listings which I have been very excited to work with is our new Medium Rare Roast Beef made from British meat; amazingly tender and combined with a few simple ingredients make a wonderful tartine.

To make my tartine I took artisan granary bread, sliced thinly and spread liberally with a mix of crème fraîche, horseradish and chopped fresh parsley. I then layered the beef on top and seasoned with a pinch of Maldon sea salt and cracked black pepper.  Simply dressed with slithers of golden beetroot, rocket and a drizzle of Merchant Gourmet pumpkin seed oil, this is delicious served straight away or can be warmed quickly under the grill.

Served slightly toasty, the meal was a roaring success, and lucky for me there was some left over to play with! We have recently been working on a new pizza concept so I decided to try out the medium rare beef in a calzone using our pizza dough. This proved to be yet another great way to use this tasty, convenient beef. Why not try it out this Easter as an alternative to the traditional glazed ham.