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I am a huge fan of cooking over fire, be it charred, smoked, flamed, wood-grilled or fire-roasted and thanks to the UK’s current heat wave, the mouth-watering aroma of charred grilled food is wafting through the air daily.

Personally, cooking with fire is a primal quest for layered flavours, expert cookery and experiential dining. This week I had the pleasure of cooking in one of our customer’s premier kitchens, which was home to a top of the range, gargantuan, stone fired oven.  Being a person who is passionate about pizzas, I know only too well the difference a good fired oven can make to a decent dish.

Cooking over fire is fast becoming a spot on trend for a growing number of chefs and restaurants, in answer to consumers who are hungry for authentic dining, creating comfort food in its rustic, homely presentation and nostalgia. The fired-oven is not exclusive to pizza concepts, we have seen more and more Korean BBQ’s, steak houses and Churrascaria’s opening up around the UK, also using this method. For the purposes of my presentation however, and to truly make the most out the beast of an oven I was faced with, pizza of course was the chosen dish.

Our pizza dough is a great product, perfect for the speed in which the stone fire oven cooks. Frozen and already portioned, it simply requires de-frosting and proving overnight before being topped with Chefs Brigade® tomato concasse, SunBlush® tomatoes and Roquito® pepper drops, cooked in a stone fired oven at a very hot temperature for four minutes, then finished with shavings of parmigiano reggiano. Simple but incredibly tasty!