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It has been a while since I ran my own kitchen as a professional chef, but I remember the good old days of trying to retain quality and authenticity in my recipes, whilst aiming to remain competitive and profitable when planning my menus. The sunshine over the last month has been a blessing for many businesses across the UK; with the warm weather comes customers and sales, making business owners, managers and chefs happy. However, it’s the smart menu developers who use margin making products that will successfully reap the benefits of this great spell of weather.

Just last night I was at a popular premier Italian chain restaurant and felt that I needed an added kick to my Classic Gamberi pizza (also being aware that we supply this particular chain with sliced Roquito® peppers!).  Thinking nothing of it I asked for an extra topping of peppers and had a lovely meal. Upon paying the bill, it was then that I realised the cost of the extra topping was just shy of £2, and at a guess I would say that the portion equated to 12 extra pepper slices.  Being fully aware of the cost price of these peppers and working out the mark up, I couldn’t help but have a wry smile on my face, with my chef’s hat on, thinking what a savvy way to increase gross profit.

Here are five of my ultimate GP increasing products:

  1. Roquito® peppers
  2. SunBlush® tomatoes
  3. Olives
  4. Goats cheese
  5. Charcuti® salsiccia picante
  6. Image