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It’s hard to miss the fact that big bold flavours are huge business in food right now and are in high demand from many of our customers. Fuelled by the recent street food trend, intense, added spice from around the world is now a must have for restaurant and caterers, with gourmet peppers such as habanero, jalapeño and ancho chili lime being used to provide strong, authentic heat to dishes.

This love of hot flavours is translating nicely and showing up increasingly in gourmet sauces across both retail and food service, with a move to spicier and more complex ethnic aspects, such as, lemon, basil, chipotle, parsley, harissa and avocado becoming commonplace.

In answer to this trend I have been working on a few interesting projects involving new sauce launches. Sriracha, chipotle and abode have all been big news at Leathams HQ recently, with the most exciting being a new Roquito® sauce.  Made from pureed Roquito® peppers, the sauce ensures the signature sweet and fiery Roquito® flavour can be added as a condiment onto a wide range of sandwiches, wraps and other recipes for real depth.

Here’s my top five ultimate uses for such hot sauces:

1.     Dip with nachos

Who doesn’t love a pile of nachos with all the trimmings? Roquito® sauce adds an extra fiery kick as a nacho dip.

2.     Marinade for BBQ

Nothing brings out the best in a piece of meat like a good barbecue marinade. If you’re flame roasting or grilling cuts of meat in your kitchen, I find adobo sauce is perfect for lifting the flame cooked essence.

3.     Salad dressing

I like to take the humdrum out of salads by dressing them in Roquito® sauce for a sweet kick.

4.     Pizza topping

Maybe a bit too hot to use as your whole pizza topping base, but when added to your tomato paste, adobo sauce gives a delicious intensity to this takeaway favourite.

5.     Sandwiches, panini’s and wraps

Add Sriracha to your lunch time offerings for an authentic taste of the East.

SunBlush Tomato Salsa with Nachos