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Kitchens are busy places where a clash of egos amongst chefs are not uncommon, I could write a book about the clashes I’ve seen during my time as a chef over the years (some of which I may have had a participating role in!). Even here at Leathams our development kitchen and customer’s kitchens are always buzzing with chefs and NPD professionals with big personalities and ideas when doing presentations. I am however far more relaxed when it comes to kitchen clashes.

I actually think it’s great to see chefs today less precious about cooking and their kitchens, and having more fun working together with others. Ultimately I believe coming together with your peers is the best way to keep on learning and developing.

Every Tuesday this September an event called CHEFstock sees the National Chef of the Year Alyn Williams collaborating with some of the world’s finest Michelin starred chefs in the kitchens of his own Michelin starred restaurant, The Westbury in Mayfair. What I really like about this concept is the creative collaboration between minds to produce a never seen before taster menu and something really unique. Events such as this prove that even those at the top of their game are always on a learning curve, so to get the chance to work with each other in this way must be an interesting experience that will encourage boundaries to be pushed and ideas to be fused. There are no rules regarding the menu development, so it will be exciting to see what kind of dishes come out of the event.

With the pop up restaurant trend almost exhausting its scope in London, it’s also been predicted that one off chef collaborations such as CHEFstock might even be the next big trend to take the baton in dining. Could this mean the end of characteristically temperamental chefs….?