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British Cheese Group 13

This week I have been conducting a review of our ever growing British range and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much it had grown both in size and variety since I started at Leathams back in 2011. Speciality British cheeses, chutneys, sausages, beef and salamis to name just a few. These products make our jobs a little easier as many of our customers have locally sourced, quality produce at the forefront of their priorities.

The recent ‘How Britain Eats’ survey, conducted by Allegra with 1,200 UK consumers, found that there is a continued importance on British-ness when eating out. This is because we are increasingly demanding Red Tractor, British and locally sourced ingredients to satisfy our thirst for authenticity, provenance and quality due to a new way of thinking about the bigger picture of food. Of course you also need the skills and recipes to go with the products to truly make them a success!

I believe that cheese showcases UK produce at its best. British artisan cheese producers create great quality cheeses, as good if not better than some French and Italian varieties. During British Food Fortnight, last month, it was even boasted that Britain now produces more cheese than France! Therefore, cheeseboards are a great way to showcase British speciality produce and local sourcing at its best. Restaurants such as Farringdon based Vivat Bacchus have been wise to this for a while with a wonderful British cheese board containing Keens Cheddar, Oxford Blue and Sharpham Brie. The Prince Alfred and Formosa Dining Room in West London also have a great array of cheese on the menu ranging from Perl Wen to Yorkshire Blue.

Many restaurateurs are considering their cheeseboard selection in the run up to Christmas, so for a bit of inspiration on how to make your festive cheese offering quintessentially British, here’s a selection of my favourite British Speciality cheese that we supply at Leathams:

Smoked Applewood photoshopped

Smoked Applewood
With a delicate smoky flavour, this farmhouse cheddar is a real English cheese board treasure. Applewood is a delicious semi-hard cheese with a gloriously smooth texture and soft smoky festive notes, ideal as a stand alone or in a gourmet sandwich.

Cornish Brie

Chatel (Cornish for Cattle) is a soft, mould ripened cow’s milk cheese produced in Cornwall. With a soft, melting texture it is a versatile cheese which can be enjoyed on the cheeseboard, in a sandwich or grilled.


Websters Stilton
Everyone needs Stilton on their cheeseboard and produced in the heart of rural Leicestershire, this blue veined Stilton is the perfect festive star.

Yorkshire Blue

Yorkshire Blue
Made from 100% Yorkshire cow’s milk, Yorkshire Blue is a mild, soft, creamy, blue veined cheese.  The traditional recipe has been developed to give it a unique buttery/sweet flavour with no sharp bite.