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Roquito Pearl Pizza

As an ex-chef, it has been really exciting to work on a recent project with Signor Berluskoni for his new pizza and ice cream concept in Camden Town’s Stable Market. Leathams’ Italian roots run deep, supplying a vast range of authentic, speciality Italian ingredients for a number of years. Therefore our pairing on this project has been perfect and the menu development for the traditional, freshly, handmade pizza, a joy.IMG_8306

Although the menu is overtly Italian, Signor Berluskoni is pushing boundaries with some fusion toppings, currently on trend in the food industry. Featuring combinations such as, the South American, the Oriental and Sweetcorn Southern Chicken, which includes our very own Roquito® Chilli Peppers.  Through our development work with the restaurant, we also  supplied some authentic Italian and Spanish charcuterie, which, help to create the perfect menu descriptor, providing each pizza with a touch of provenance. Further exciting topping recipes, such as the Carbonara pizza and the artichoke and SunBlush® pepper pizza, really set to differentiate this restaurant from the other pizza chains.


Even more exciting is the smart pairing of handcrafted pizza with artisan ice cream.  Italian Gelato and artisan ice cream is becoming hugely popular in the UK, especially in London with the likes of Gelateria 3BIS in Borough Market, Gelupo and La Grotta, plus Ginger’s Comfort Emporium in Manchester and Affogato in Edinburgh, all growing their year round business. People’s desire for ice cream made with unique, inventive and tasty ingredients can be compared to their desire for interesting pizzas, using unique, inventive and tasty ingredients. By joining the two together on a menu, set in an informal, Italian themed terrace above the hustle and bustle of Camden market, I believe Berlukoni has come up with a concept that is Perfecto!

IMG_8328 Author: Andy Press – National Account Manager