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Salty and sweet flavour combinations are popping up everywhere it seems in many weird and wonderful guises. Earlier this week I attended an industry trade show where I was introduced to a cleaver new innovation, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz (yes that’s the Ritz biscuits you might see hanging around cheese boards combined with Cadbury dairy milk), a truly smart pairing of flavours.  At the very same trade show a development chef from a premium chocolate brand gave me an insight into some of his development involving chocolate combined with olives or bacon.


Chefs have known for some time that a touch of salt brings out the best in sweet things, but it has taken consumers some time to catch on. When M&S first launched salted caramels in 2006 they were a flop, but now they’re everywhere. Over in the US popular crisp brand Lays has gone a step further and launched wavy potato chips dipped in milk chocolate.


As well as sweets and snacking, salty and sweet flavour profiles are set to be joined by heat over the coming years. The trend in Korean, Vietnamese and East Asian cuisine is increasing and consumers are seeking bigger and bolder flavours with peppers and peppercorns bringing smoky and spicy elements to dishes, giving added depth to that salty-sweet pairing so watch this space!



Written by Caroline Kelly, Creative Marketing Executive