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Rare Beef Club Sandwich with Chipotle Mayonnaise

A twist on a classic. Using rare roast beef which has been cooked to perfection, in place of chicken and providing a spicy kick to the mayonnaise with chipotle.

Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 4


• 3 slices of white bread
• 1 tbsp of Chef’s Brigade Real Mayonnaise
• 120g Leathams pre-sliced rare roast beef
• 2 tsp Leathams chipotle paste
• 1 x plum tomato sliced
• 1 x Leathams Free Range Poached Egg
• 3 rashers of Leathams cooked streaky bacon
• 15g rocket leaves

1. Mix the mayonnaise with the chipotle paste to taste
2. Toast the bread
3. Spread the chipotle mayonnaise on the first slice of bread, then top with the rare roast beef and the tomato
4. Place another slice of toasted bread on top and spread it with more chipotle mayonnaise. Top with the streaky bacon, sliced eggs and rocket salad leaves
5. Spread the last slice of toast with chipotle mayonnaise and press gently when placing over the sandwich
6. Place 4 bamboo cocktail sticks in 4 angles of the sandwich to hold it in place. Cut into four triangles with a sharp serrated knife and serve