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Oon's Spoon

I have three new major food obsessions, actually they’re old loves that have been reborn, re vamped and are now firmly re-establish into my life. Red cabbage, tahini on more or less everything and quinoa porridge. (More about the porridge another time)

So red cabbage always reminds me of my wonderful late Grannie who’s two year anniversary of death is this week. (Is that morbid and unnecessary information?) And because it always reminds me of her I thought I would commemorate her by writing about it, a vegetable that I am re obsessed with. Lolz. She always used to cook it with lots of apple and cider vinegar and it was the most incredible colour, a deep, rich, almost glossy purple, warm mouthfuls of sweet and sour and so weirdly comforting. Oh and healthy. Red cabbage is insanely good for you – an excellent source of multiple vitamins and minerals (vits A, C and K, potassium…

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