Makes 2 wraps


  • 150g x Harissa marinated chicken
  • 20ml x Carrot and caraway tapenade
  • 30g x IQF diced pepper
  • 50g x IQF mixed vegetables
  • 20g x Sliced Peppadew®
  • 20g Baby leaf spinach 
  • 2 x Paninette


  1. Thaw out the diced pepper and mixed vegetables.
  2. Mix the mixed vegetables, pepper and Peppadew® together in a bowl
  3. Pull the harissa chicken apart
  4. Lay out the paninette, spread the carrot tapenade the bottom of the wrap top with chicken then the vegetable mix and finally the spinach
  5. Wrap the paninette up and stick together with some tapenade.