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Makes 2 wraps


  • 100g Red and white quinoa
  • 30ml Veganaise
  • 10ml Rice wine vinegar
  • 10ml Roquito® sauce
  • 2 x Spring onions finely sliced diagonally
  • 5 ml Soy sauce
  • 30g Chucky avocado
  • 40g Spicy Asian cucumber
  • 20g Baby leaf spinach
  • 2 x Wraps


  1. Combine the cooked quinoa, veganaise, rice vinegar, Roquito® sauce, and spring onions in a mixing bowl and stir together well. Drizzle in a little soy sauce, just enough to add subtle flavor.
  2. Spread 15g of avocado across the bottom of the wrap.
  3. Add the quinoa mixture, followed by baby spinach and spicy Asian cucumber then fold the wrap.